Dr. Ross T-Shirt Illustration/Design

Earlier this year I did an illustration for a T-Shirt promoting a local Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. Ross, who specializes in seeing pregnant moms as well as children. We have been seeing Dr. Ross since we were expecting our first child Jonny, and he has helped us all in recovering from pain since then. So, when his practice made a post about needing a design for T-Shirts promoting his practice, I was really excited to see what I could come up with, just for fun.

Dr. Ross was really excited with the final result and he went forth with printing the illustration on T-Shirts for all sizes of the family. After having them available in his office, he told me that he has gotten so much praise for the design from patients and people in the streets. Pretty awesome to see my work making others happy!

Here's my son rocking the shirt! As well as a close up on the detail and the original drawing.